• Cumbrae company remain coy on pharmacy plan

    Cumbrae Community Development Company held their annual general meeting on Tuesday 2 December at Garrison House. …

  • Professor Winston was Millport marine student

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    TV celebrity said that Millport Marine Station was 'the best place in Britain to study' …


    by DJDW

    RED SQUIRRELS.... Given the threat to them elsewhere , is there any reason(s) why we don't have them brought here to the island where they could maybe flourish ( no greys here is there ? ) . Could be another attraction for the island ? Thoughts ??? … 6 Comments

  • Millport gearing up for Festive Weekend

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    Three day spectacular starts with late night shopping evening and Santa parade on Friday. …

  • 'No scope' for a Millport Co-op

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    Millport Notes correspondent Mary Currie has written to the 'News' to argue that there is no scope for a Co-op to be built on Cumbrae …

  • Largs and Millport braced for 'weather bomb'

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    As we go to press, strong sea swells and heavy rain is set to batter the Clyde Coast in a phenomenon called the 'weather bomb. …

  • Largs area prepares for 'Black Wednesday'

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    Largs High Tides: Wednesday 1.30am and 2pm, Thursday 2.34am and 2.52pm Trains from Largs-Kilwinning cancelled on Wednesday More ferry cancellations expected after heavy disruption on Tuesday SEPA have issued coastal flooding warning MET office offer y …

  • Largs flood warning was brushed aside

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    Local campaigner Iain Mills is angry that concerns about flash flooding in relation to a housing development at Brisbane Glen were not heeded by a Scottish Government appointed reporter. …

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    • DJDW


      Had a reply and I'm afraid it's a non starter , ah well ......see below Dear Mr   ... more
    • DJDW


      Thanks for positive comments thus far , I have contacted the Scottish Wildlife Trust by e mail and... more
    • Bob Stewart

      RE: Millport Pipe Band Austria

      Does anyone remember the name of the band that used to play in the garrison hall hut around 1960,... more
    • David Crawford


      Yes,Yes,Yes,this is a great idea,and yes you would have to acquire different colonies,purely for a... more
    • K


      Definitely!  Who wouldn't love to see squirrels?? more
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Millport Pipe Band

by Campbell Templeton

The picture hangs next to the Millport Coat of Arms John. And there is not a spec of dust o …

Millport Pipe Band

by Campbell Templeton

The picture hangs next to the Millport Coat of Arms John. And there is not a spec of dust o …

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