• help with town's hanging baskets

    by Suki McGregor Sunday, 29 March 2015

    Dear Millport community.  The town always looks beautiful in the summer with colourful plants... …

  • Millport Follies

    by Tom McAulay

    Number one is the cycle path currently under construction. No one wants it and it isn't needed yet... … 4 Comments

  • Katy Clark MP surgery

    by Donald Reid

    Katy Clark MP for North Ayrshire and Arran will be available on Friday 16th January 2015 at the Garrison Gate House, Millport at 2pm. No appointment is required and constituents will be seen on a first come first served basis. …

  • What has happened to the Buckfast bees of Millport?

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    A mystery slump in the bee population on the isle of Cumbrae has left the community baffled. …

  • Clyde-sider Chorus Legacy Choir BBC Tonight

    by eileen mcaulay

    Don't miss us tonight! HOGMANAY LIVE 11:30 BBC1 recorded at Kelvingrove Art Gallery Museum (ps-i'm in the middle somewhere!😉) …

  • Fears over ferry fuel transport increase

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    More safety fears have arisen over islanders taking cans of petrol to Cumbrae in their cars. …

  • Millport's winter gallery

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    Paintings of magical winter scenes of Millport and the Clyde Coast adorned the walls of the library at the Garrison for a special exhibition during recent weeks. …

  • Wish you were here

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    The Largs News is now global thanks to our Facebook site which reaches out to hundreds of ex-pats around the world. And with the seasonal period now upon us, we thought it would be fitting to ask for festive greetings from around the globe for who are not …

  • Latest Comments

    • Deborah Rea

      RE: Tracing Ancestors.

      Hi Sandy, Do you know where I might find any information about Thomas Shields b. 1823 who was... more
    • Deborah Rea

      RE: Cumbrae Burns Club

      Hi, I am wondering if you might have any record of a Thomas Shields (b. 1823) who lived on the... more
    • Jan Donald

      RE: Looking for history of Boat Companies

      As a young girl, I spent many, many hours down Calder's jetty, cranking the engines, helping folks... more
    • Kenneth Lamont

      RE: Looking for history of Boat Companies

      Hi John,   my memories are a little later than the period you are looking for.  They... more
    • Eric Seymour

      RE: Looking for history of Boat Companies

      I was one of the young boys that helped with Hunter's boats in the early sixties, The two big... more
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Millport Pipe Band

by Campbell Templeton

The picture hangs next to the Millport Coat of Arms John. And there is not a spec of dust o …

Millport Pipe Band

by Campbell Templeton

The picture hangs next to the Millport Coat of Arms John. And there is not a spec of dust o …

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