• Ellen MacArthur Trust has Largs marina base

    World record breaking solo sailor Dame Ellen McArthur has her new offices up and running at Largs Yacht Haven …

  • We don't want a tide of rubbish on the Clyde

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    Largs News journalist David Carnduff fears marine litter and decades of overfishing are having dire consequences for the Clyde's environment. …

  • Caribbean festival in Cumbrae

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    Millport is to host its first ever Caribbean festival on the island this weekend over Friday and Saturday, and efforts are continuing to twin the island with Barbados. …

  • 'Yes' to Largs Academy campus

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    There was broad support from readers for North Ayrshire Councils proposals to build a new Largs Academy in the greenbelt behind Alexander Avenue, and to link up with Inverclyde Sports Centre. …

  • Well Done Millport!

    by Charles Kelly

    What a brilliant show Millport laid on for the arrival of the Queen's Baton. Sincere... … 1 Comment

  • Largs Sports Centre welcomes baton AUDIO

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    A breakfast barbecue took place at Inverclyde Sports Centre on Tuesday morning, attended by hundreds, to celebrate the coming of the Queen's Baton to Largs. …

  • Largs seafront clock is not ticking

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    Largs and Millport News readers have asked why has the clock stopped at the St Columbas Parish Church in recent weeks. …

  • Commonwealth baton in Largs and Millport

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    From across the world to the Largs coast is the Commonwealth Games Queen's baton making its way to Glasgow …

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    • James Blair

      RE: Patersons in Millport

      Hi Frances,  I don't know of anybody , but perhaps either Johan or Sandy who are mentioned in... more
    • David Craford

      RE: Lodge Kelburne No. 459

      It`s been a wee while since I have posted anything on this page,And that I`m affraid is down... more
    • David Craford

      RE: Well Done Millport!

      I feel I must concur with all that Charles has stated,The faces on the children,and adults,as the... more
    • Martin McIntyre

      RE: Garrison (?) Hospital

      I wasn't involved (wasn't born till 1960) but my father was Dr McIntyre who moved to Millport soon... more
    • Martin McIntyre

      RE: The Garrison Sanatorium

      My late father was Dr McIntyre, who helped run the Garrison Hospital / St Andrew's Home in the 40s... more
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Hi Millportians: I just became aware of the BBC 4 series Millport by Lynn Ferguson. I …

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