by margaret templeman Sunday, 26 October 2014

    For the Attention of Cumbrae Community Development Company.  If there is a committee member... … 1 Comment

  • The Battle of Largs on your mobile phone

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    Virtual reality could be coming to Largs under exciting new plans unveiled at a recent North Coast council meeting. …

  • Jobs shake-up at Inverclyde

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    Thirty staff at Inverclyde Sports Centre are to be laid off at Christmas to make way for the demolition and reconstruction of the complex. …

  • Millport Regeneration - Updated

    by Ross Middleton

    Unfortunately I have been having a little trouble updating the original news item. The date of this... …

  • Cumbrae ferry tribute to Great War

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    A special and unique Remembrance is going to happen on the channel between Cumbrae and Largs on November 11 to mark this years centenary of the outbreak of the Great War. …

  • Final week for by-election campaign

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    With one week to go until the important North Coast by-election, we asked have candidates to make their case to the local electorate. …

  • Get involved in marine science in Millport

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    The Field Studies Council building in Millport is hosting a public seminar on Saturday for those interested in the Clyde and the marine environment. …

  • New pharmacy for Millport?

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    Cumbrae Community Development Company have issued a flyer to the island stating that they are looking at opening a community pharmacy in The Garrison. …

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    • Tom McAulay

      RE: CCDC

      Margaret, if some Directors of CCDC dont know what is going on what chance has anyone... more
    • Charles Kelly

      RE: Looking for information

      Hi Allison If you get a hold of John Burt's book "The Adventures of Connor & Papa John"... more
    • Moira Hodge

      RE: Millport Regeneration

      Thanks Ross :-) more
    • margaret templeman

      RE: Millport Regeneration

      Hello Ross, did this take place today?  more
    • Ross Middleton

      RE: Millport Regeneration

      Yes, I apologise, the most important part of advertising any meeting. The event is to be held... more
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Looking for family

by John Roberts

Hi. i live in the USA but spent many happy years in Millport with my Roberts cousins. Arou …

Looking for information

by Allison Robertson

I couldn't find anywhere to write this. Hope it's ok asking here. My daughter is in P5 and … 1 Comment

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