• MSP Organises Free Microchipping of Dogs, Courtesy of Dogs Trust

    by Craig Wilson 14 November, 2014

    Local MSP Kenneth Gibson has arranged for dogs to benefit from free microchipping - normally... …

  • Millport welcomes permanent doctor

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    After a long wait for the Isle of Cumbrae, the NHS have confirmed that Dr Adnan Malik is the new permanent GP for Millport - with another set to follow. Dr Malik, who has been providing a locum service for the islands residents for two years, now has plan …

  • CoOp

    by Sandy Morton

    I have ben advised that the planninh application has been approved. … 6 Comments

  • CoOp

    by Sandy Morton

    I have ben advised that the planninh application has been approved. …

  • Millport Legion members visit Great War battlefields

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    Two members of the Royal British Legion Millport were treated like celebrities when they recently visited the World War 1 battlefields and cemeteries of Belgium and France …

  • NHS 'welcome' new Millport pharmacy approach

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    NHS Ayrshire & Arran have said they would welcome contact from the Cumbrae Community Development Company over a new pharmacy project. …

  • Double death shock stuns Millport

    Largs & Millport Weekly News

    Tributes have been paid to a popular and well-loved Millport couple who were found dead at their home on the island on Monday morning. …

  • Pharmacy Row

    by Tom McAulay

    A refreshingly clear, unambiguous and factual statement from James Semple. Unlike the... … 2 Comments

  • Latest Comments

    • Tom McAulay

      RE: CCDC

      Margaret, CCDC have the results. Ben Thomson from Mi-voice confirmed this to me this... more
    • margaret templeman

      RE: CCDC

      As it's the 20th Nov, I just wondered what the outcome of the vote is. Surely, CCDC  have the... more
    • Tom McAulay

      RE: Pharmacy Row

      When will the community be told the results of the so called consultation exercise now the closing... more
    • Tom McAulay

      RE: CoOp

      Well of course that's the problem,  no one from CCDC ever answers questions from the public.... more
    • Phil Dodd

      RE: Looking for information

      I think that what you describe as the ghost pier is what I always knew as the Tattie Pier. It was... more
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Looking for family

by John Roberts

Hi. i live in the USA but spent many happy years in Millport with my Roberts cousins. Arou …

Looking for information

by Allison Robertson

I couldn't find anywhere to write this. Hope it's ok asking here. My daughter is in P5 and … 4 Comments

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